How to Use Vpresa Voucher

Turn photos on your smartphone into a photobook full of memory with Vpresa Voucher!

Follow these instructions (step-by-step) after you purchase and receive you Vpresa Voucher:

1 Run Vpresa from your iPhone or Android.
To install Vpresa, use the link provided at the bottom of this page.


2 Scan or type in your Voucher Code.
At the Payment Page, choose the "Pay with Voucher" option, and scan the barcode printed on your Voucher. Or you can type in the Voucher Code on the input field under the scanner view in the app.


3 Your photobook will arrive in 4 (four) days.
While we magically craft your photobook, you can share it's preview on Facebook.


Regularly visit Vpresa oftenly for information on discount promotions or new product(s) from Vpresa.

Easy ways to layout your Vpresa photobook pages
Download iOS Version
Download Android Version
1. Download Moldiv app

Download Moldiv app (free app) on App Store or Play store.

2. Install and start creating layouts

Click at the Collage or Magazine menu

3. Choose from available design template

Choose any layout from the template listing. You can modify the default text with your own.

4. Insert photo into the design template

Pick and insert photo by clicking at the TAP HERE button, then choose ALBUM


You can swipe and zooming in or out by pinching you device's screen

5. Editing and adding text

You can add your own text and style it with numerous beautiful font types available

6. Use Sticker if you please, and save to apply it to your page

You can also add stickers

7. Pick 20 design layouts and put it into Vpresa

When creating Vpresa photobook, choose 20 pages from the previously layouted photos (the ones from Moldiv).

Need Any Help?

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